Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Thesis Topics for Finance

  • A comparative study on foreign Islamic banks and local Islamic banks on (any country)
  • An investigation (SURE) co-integration between gold and energy prices at (any index)  
  • An investigation of SURE between GDP /N and interest rate
  • A study of relationship Capital Structure and firm’s performance of pharmaceutical companies listed in KSE
  • A study on the impact of money supply (M2) on economic growth GDP
  • An investigation of Granger Causality between crude oil price and inflation in Pakistan  
  • Banking sector of (any country) impact of board of directors size on performance
  • Corporate governance and Financing Decisions of Pakistan Listed Firms
  • Capital structure decision and expected inflation
  • Current account and exchange rate dynamics
  • Determinants of capital structure for the Indian cement industry
  • Determinants of dividend payout ratio (A study based on any stock exchange)
  • Determinants of commercial bank profitability
  • Determinants of inter-banking of (any country)             
  • Distinguishing the Dividend payers from the non-payers: A case of KSE listed shares
  • Dividend changes and future profitability    
  • Do taxes affected corporate financing decisions?
  • Effect of changes in policy interest rate to 6 months weighted average lending and deposit rates of private sector banks in Pakistan
  • Factor effecting dividend policy of non-financial firms of KSE-100 index
  • Gap between power production and power consumption of (any electric supply company) and its consequences
  • Gold price money supply and budget deficit on inflation rate in (any country)
  • Impact of cash conversion cycle on firm’s profitability
  • Impact of board of directors, CEO duality and liquidity on firm performance
  • Impact of Experience in internet banking on performance of Banks
  • Impact of deposits multiplier on economic growth
  • Impact of leverage on firm investment
  • Impact of energy crises on (any country) export
  • Impact of operating expenses and market capitalization of Bank performance in Pakistan
  • Impact of rental taxes on agriculture sector if it is imposed
  • Impact of inflation on the development of the banking sector in Pakistan
  • Impact of trade on land locked countries
  • Impact of trade on financial development
  • Increased correlation of Asian equity market in Bear markets
  • Increase in oil prices can something be done to reduce its impact
  • Impact of Monetary policy on stock market
  • Investigation of non-stationary of stock returns: A case study of (any stock exchange)
  • Is the inflation of world co-integrated?
  • Ownership structure, corporate performance and failure
  • Relationship between bank size and investment: A case study of banking sector of (any country)
  • Relationship of interest rate and stock return: A study of KSE-100 index
  • Relationship between cash conversion cycle and performance listed firm of (any exchange)    
  • Role of mergers on market structure of banking industry
  • Sales data availability and authenticity on managerial awareness to their actual market share  
  • Stock liquidity and investment opportunities
  • Stock market development and economic growth
  • The explanatory power of earning for stock return
  • The determinants of net operating working capital behavior
  • The relationship between exchange rate and stock price with respect to India
  • The relationship between the risk and stock return: a case study of KSE-100 index companies
  • The role of investment bank in financial sector of (any country)
  • To study the impact of pre holiday return and post holiday return of Bombay stock exchange
  • Trade analysis of Sukuk bonds in Pakistan
  • Trends of non-performing loans in (any country)
  • Testing semi-strong from of EMH, effect of dividend announcement of stock prices
  • The impact of foreign debts on inflation in (any country)
  • The relationship between credit risk management and profitability of all commercial banks in (any country)
  • The most preferable investment option among mutual funds in (any country): Fixed in income funds vs equity funds    
  •  The affect of weather conditions on KSE-100 index
  • The impact of organizational status on financial performance of a firm
  •  The impact value added tax on consumption pattern in (any country)


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