Friday, 8 June 2012

Finance Dissertation Topics for MBA

  • Active borrower gross loan portfolio Granger causality: An empirical analysis of micro-finance in (any country)
  • Analysis of open-end and close-end mutual fund with respect to return, growth and investor preferences
  • Are inflation in SAARC countries are co-integrated?
  • A study on impact of growth, beta and agency cost on dividend payout ratio
  • Cross sectional relation between expected return betas 
  • Determinants of capital structure in any industry of (any country)
  • Disparity between estimated and actual lead time on the basis of consignment size
  • Excess government borrowing and crowding out of private industrial and service sector
  • Effect of inflation on the stock return of cement sector
  • Effect of current ratio on earning per share 
  • Effect of capitalization (borrowing debt and issuance of shares) on firm's performance
  • Factors influencing the corporate dividend policy decision
  • Impact of EPS on corporate borrowing
  • Impact of macro-economic variables on stock sector of (any country)
  • Impact of bank’s marketing expenditures on bank’s performance
  • Impact of firm's experience on the financial performance of firm
  • Impact of discount rates on loan defaults
  • Impact of economic indicators on non performing loan
  • Impact of inflation on the leverage of banks
  • Impact of public debt on the consumer price index
  • Impact of international oil prices on currency exchange rate
  • Impact of inflation on the number of new motorcycle sales in any city
  • Impact of leverage on liquidity in any sector
  • Impact of FDI on mutual funds industry
  • Impact of network size on bank branch performance
  • Impact of working capital management and capital structure on profitability of any sector
  • Individual impact of inflation on dividend yield and capital gain yield
  • Internal and external determinants of capital structure
  • Investigation of share price volatility and dividend policy of oil and gas companies
  • Investment opportunities, corporate financing decision and dividend payout policy
  • Is the sudden news is an origin of systematic risk in common stock
  • Merits and demerits of statistical tools in financial management policy
  • Profitability of the banking sector: Panel evidence on bank-specific determinants
  • Relationship between working capital management and stock price volatility
  • Relationship between dividend payout and future earnings growth in (any industry)
  • Relationship between operating liquidity and profitability
  • Simultaneous determination of insider ownership, debt and dividend policy
  • Stock prices and the predictive power of macroeconomic variables of (any country)  
  • Stock prices and exchange rates: Are they related?
  • The determinants of net operating working capital behavior
  • The relationship between corporate strategy and capital structure
  • The relationship among growth opportunities, capital structure and dividend policy of a firm
  • The role of micro-credit in poverty alleviation and women empowerment
  • The impact of profitability and sales growth on dividend payout ratio
  • The impact of bank specific and macroeconomic indicators on profitability
  • The impact of corporate leverage and firm size on dividend policy
  • The impact of oil price fluctuations on stock price: A case of oil marketing companies
  • The impact of balance of payment on real effective exchange rate index in any country
  • The differential impact of Islamic banking on car loans and house financing through banks in (any country)   
  • The impact of political event on the volatility of stock return listed in stock exchange
  • The impact of trade balance on exchange rate
  • The impact of interest rate changes on housing non-performing loan
  • The impact of local and international events on any stock exchange
  • The impact of fiscal deficit on inflation  
  • The impact of debt on the profitability of small and medium enterprises
  • The consequence of inflation rate and exchange rate changes on foreign direct investment and its relationship with economic growth of (any country)
  • To find out the relationship between growth opportunities on debt financing and corporate dividend
  • What matters the most for hyperinflation          


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